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Wherever my travels may lead, paradise is where I am.”


2000 Ireland (July 2000)
2001 Malaysia (March 2001)

Mexico (Mexico City, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, San Cristobal de las Casas, Palenque)(Christmas 2001)


Our bicycle tour through the USA and Canada (Vancouver to San Francisco)(Summer 2002)

July 2004 until  March 2005

"Stages" of our world trip (Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Hongkong, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Namibia)

2005 The Tuscany (May 2005)
  Our bicycle tour through Germany (Fulda River, Lahn River, Rhein River and Moselle River)(June 2005)
  Greece (Skidra, Saloniki, Marmaras) by car (Czech Rep., Slovakia, Szeget/Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Niederrau in Austria)(July 2005)

Canada and USA (Vancouver, Whistler, Jasper and Banff National Park, Washington and Oregon Coast, Seattle)(July/August 2006)


Andalusia (October 2006)

2007 USA (March 2007)
  France by bike (July 2007)
2008 Austria - Skiing Holiday (March 2008)
  Germany by bike (Tauber, Altmühl, Danube, from Koenigssee to Lake Constance, along the Rhein River to Freiburg)(July/August 2008)
  USA - New England (October 2008)
2009 London (January 2009)
  Italy 2009 (Tuscany / Rome) (May 2009)
  Germany by bike (North Sea, Baltic Sea up to the Polish Border)(July/August 2009) 
  England (Cornwall) (August 2009)
  Turkey (October 2009)
2010 Egypt (March 2010)
  Portugal (Mai 2010)
  Germany (and Czech Rep.) by bike (River Elbe, in Prague and  Pilsen and along the Main River)(July 2010) 
  Barcelona (October 2010) 
2011 Marocco (March 2011) 
  "The Danube" Germany (Austria, Slowakia and Hungay) by bike(June/July 2011)
  South Tyrol (October 2011)
2012 Turkey (January 2012)
  The Tuscany (May 2012)
  Germany (Czech Rep. and Poland) by bike (Rivers Elbe, Neiße, Oder) (June/July 2012)
2013 The Southwest of the USA (March 2013)
  Vietnam and Thailand
2014 Turkey (Antalya) (March 2014)
  Andalusia (Spain) (April/May 2014)
  River Weser by bike (July 2014)
  Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia) (August 2014)
  California / USA (October 2014)
2015 Madeira (March 2015)
  China (Beijing and Shanghai) (May 2015)
  From Lake Constance to Königssee (King's Lake) by bike (July 2015)
  Krakow and Wroclav in Poland (August 2015)
2016 Mallorca (March 2016)
  Venetia (May 2016)
  Germany by bike (The rivers Rhine, Moselle and Saar) (August 2016)
  Danzig at the Baltic Sea in Poland (August 2016)
  Crete (October 2016)
2017 Antalya (January 2017)
  Tenerife and Madrid (March 2017)
  Mexico (October 2017)
2018 Cyprus (March 2018)
  Frankonia und Thuringia in Germany (August 2018)
  Harz Mountains in Germany (October 2019)
2019 Mallorca (March 2019)
  Cycling the Baltic Sea (June to August 2019)